Barbara's Centre For Dance
600 Avenue C Southeast/P.O.Box 4753
Winter Haven,FL  33880/33885

Ballet~Pointe~Lyrical~Tap~Jazz~Funk/Hip Hop~Broadway
      Acronastic~Clogging~Pre-Dance~Private Lessons
Tap dancing is a blend of syncopated rhythm which emphasizes footwork and the expression of rhythm through sound.  All classes work on basic tap skills; progressing through tap steps, combinations and eventually dance.

Jazz instruction begins with basic isolation skills.  Skipping, hopping, gliding and jumping soon lead to jazz steps and combinations.  Children learn to enjoy dancing while building their dance foundation.  Students are taught warm-up technique to help stregthen them as dancers and prepare them for the more difficult combinations and moves.

We also offer Jazz Funk and Broadway Jazz classes that emphasizes particular styles of Jazz.

Acronastics is a combination of acrobatics and gymnastics. Classes begin with warm-up and flexibility excersises followed by instruction in tumbling skills.  Students acquire strength and balance that assists them in other areas of dance.

Clogging is also a blend of syncopated rhythm which emphasizes high energy footwork.  Clogging classes work on basic clogging skills; progressing through steps and combinations. 

PREDANCE (ages 2 1/2 -5)
Predance instruction is for our little guys that have not yet reached 1st grade.  Classes are 45 minutes and consist of 15-20 minutes each, consisting of ballet, tap and tumbling.  This is a class designed to keep the attention span of our little ones and for them to discover what dance is all about.

Ballet is the basis for all forms of dance; therefore, anyone desiring complete dance training must consistantly take ballet classes.  Pointe classes are also offered for those students that are ready for pointe training, determinded by the instructor.

Lyrical dancing uses emotions and expression through dance and combines the skills and disciplines of ballet and jazz.  Therefore, students must be enrolled in jazz and ballet in order to take this class.  Also, students must have at least two years of ballet training.

Barbara's Centre' for Dance
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