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April/May 2024 Newsletter


Summer/Fall Pre-Registration
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Concert Tickets
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Create FUN & Get EXCITED!

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Dance Centre' Rehearsals



Dance Concert Policies


Thank You!

Many Thanks to all of you for a Fabulous Dance Season! It has been a unique season for sure, however, we have persevered!! Way to go TEAM BCFD!!  All of you have created such a wonderful environment for all of our dancers! Thank You!! 


Dance Tuition

Remember that your tuition is due on the 1st day of the month to avoid the $10 late fee. Thank You.


Shoe and Attire Orders

All dance shoe orders, etc. can be ordered on the 15th of each month. Please put your orders in before the 15th. Remember do not wait until the last minute to order for the dance concert, now is the time to order.  Please make sure that you have the proper shoes, etc. for the dance concert - this is a must.  We want our dancers to look MARVELOUS! Our last order of the season will be placed on the morning of April 15th, this will secure delivery before our annual dance concert.


Program Books

Our fabulous LIVE IT UP! dance concert program books will be on sale during studio rehearsals in May. You will want to be on the lookout for them. We always sell out quickly. Program books are typically gone by the end of the Saturday dance concert. 


Dates to Remember

~Studio Rehearsals will be at BCFD on Monday, May 6, Tuesday, May 7, Wednesday, May 8, Monday, May 13 & Tuesday, May 14.  Our NORMAL CLASSES WILL NOT BE HELD DURING STUDIO REHEARSALS! See Studio Rehearsal details below.


~Dance Concert Dress Rehearsal Friday, May 17th, 2024 - 4:00 PM for Act I - see specific times below for Act II 

~Dance Concert Saturday, May 18th, 2024, 5:00 PM 

~Doors Open @ 4:30


Dance Concert Tickets! 

Don't forget to buy your tickets.  Everyone will need a ticket to be seated in the theater during the dance concert. Doors will open at approximately 20 - 30 minutes before show time! Even if you plan to arrive halfway through the show or reenter at any time, you will still need a ticket. Please fill out your ticket forms and buy your tickets today! See Ticket Order Forms in the dance centreís lobby.


Tickets will be handed out in April.   


Congrats Dazzlers!

Congratulations to our BCFD Dazzlers on a job well done during your competition season. We are proud of you and all that you have accomplished. WOW - You were honored with Overall Placements, Platinum & Diamond Awards, not to mention Judges Awards, VIP Top Ten List, Entertainment and Technique Awards.  You make us all so very proud! Keep up the GREAT work and keep reaching for the STARS!!! Looking forward to an awesome summer of dance with you!! One TEAM, One DREAM!!!


If anyone is interested in the Dazzler program, please do not hesitate to let us know.  Thank you!


EARRINGS Ė A Special Gift!

For those of you that didnít order earrings when you ordered your costumes, itís not too late.  We have a few extra pairs.  Remember, the earrings ordered from BCFD are the only earrings/jewelry of any kind that you will be able to wear with your costumes.  If you wish to have a pair, feel free to let me know.  The cost is $20 per pair.  You will be able to wear these earrings year after year, after year for the dance concert! 


Happy Birthday to You!!!!!

May all of your wishes come true! WISH BIG!! 


BCFD Birthday Parties! 

Having a Birthday Coming Soon? Let us do the work for you! If you would like to have a birthday party at the dance centreí please feel free to speak to Ms. Barbara! We will be happy to accommodate your needs! Our Birthday parties have proven to be a BIG hit! Just ask dancers like Charlotte Knitt, JoLeigh Elswick, Faith Chichetto, Abby Laroche, Mikalah Richards and Chloe Warschauer who have honored us by sharing their Bdays with us!!


Create FUN!

Please feel free to bring fun treats or goodies to share with dance friends during the month of May - too fun! Itís often the smallest things that mean the most to our children.  Please let us know if you have any ideas! Itís going to be TONS of FUN!




~April Tuition Due - April 1st to avoid the late fee

~Summer Class Fees Due - May 1st

~Specialty Fees for Solo/Duo/Trios Due Ė April 1st & May 1st

~May Tuition Due - May 1st to avoid the late fee

~Specialty Fees for Solo/Duo/Trios due May 1st - for those that split payments

~LIVE IT UP! Dance Centre' Studio Rehearsals @ BCFD - Monday, May 6th, Tuesday, May 7th and Wednesday, May 8th

and Monday, May 13th - Tuesday, May 14th, 2024

~LIVE IT UP! Dress Rehearsal @ Lake Region High School - Friday, May 17th, 2024

~LIVE IT UP! Dance Concert @ Lake Region High School - Saturday, May 18th, 2024- 5:00 PM

~Public School Last Day - Wednesday, May 30th


Get EXCITED !!!!!!

It is an extremely exciting and overwhelming time of year - too fun! Remember that all the dancers have worked so hard during the year; it is their time to shine. Letís all get excited and create a positive atmosphere for all involved! Be sure to take time out to rest and stay well! We do not want anyone to miss out on all the FUN!! I realize that many of you will be spending lots of time at the dance centreí during rehearsals - thank you for investing time in your dancersí technical training! I know the dance centreí can get crazy and crowded, especially when classes break! We appreciate all your patience and help with looking after our dancers. Thanks in advance! 


Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal for the LIVE IT UP! Dance Concert begins at 4:00 PM sharp for ACT I on Friday, May 17th.


If you are ONLY in the 2nd half/ACT II of the dance concert, you will not need to arrive at Dress Rehearsal on Friday, May 17th - until 5:30 PM.


If you have a Dad that is involved with the Dadís Dance, please have the Dadís arrive at the theater for Dress Rehearsal at 6:30 PM - Daddies MUST ARRIVE in full costume.


Please be sure to look at the dance concert line-up posted on the clip boards in the dance centreís lobby to see if you are in Act I or Act II.  This is important to know for studio rehearsals beginning in May and for dress rehearsals.  Changes cannot be made to the rough draft program, as the deadline has passed.  See details about studio rehearsals below.


Private Lessons and Specialty Routines

It is time to start thinking of our summer schedule.  Please let us know if you desire to have private lessons and/or want to work on specialty routines(solo/duo/trios) over the summer. It takes time to make sure that we find the perfect music, costumes, and choreography! Please let us know, you can speak to me personally when time is appropriate, or you can send an email - thank you! 


Specialty Routines policies for solo/duo/trios are available upon request. Payment and signed policy forms due April 1st for Specialty numbers (happy to have 1/2 payment due April 1st and 1/2 due May 1st)


Individual private lessons are also available to work on special skills and continue training.


Dance Concert T-shirts

For those of you that ordered dance concert T-shirts, you can expect to receive your T-shirts during studio rehearsals in May, if not before. We canít wait for all of them to receive them!


Summer Classes

Our Summer Class Schedule is posted!! Donít forget to sign up for your summer classes early, spaces fill fast! If there is a group of students that desire a certain class over the summer, please speak to Ms. Barbara. We will be happy to design a class just for you. Arrangements and times can be made to fit your needs - thank you!


Crazy Time of Year

It is getting close to that crazy time of year. Please remember that all your concerns and questions are important to us! If you have any questions regarding the dance concert, pictures, costumes, etc., now is the time to ask. It is best to send us an e-mail - a prompt reply is a priority for us at BCFD.  Once again, you are priority - we are here to help!


Dazzler Tryouts

If you are interested in trying out to be a Dazzler please talk with Ms. Barbara in person over the next couple of weeks - thank you! We do send out invites, however, we do not want to overlook anyone that may be interested in our fabulous Dazzler program.  Once again, if you are interested in the program, please Ms. Barbara know.


Summer & Fall Pre-Registration

We will have pre-registration during the last 2 weeks in April for the 2023-2024 dance season. This will allow all of you that are currently registered to get a jump on things before we open classes up to the public! New fall schedules will be posted by the middle/end of April - wahoo! Feel free to chat with us any time about classes for your dancer. 


Our fabulous summer schedule is posted. If there are specific classes that you want to be a part of, please register early! Please remember that dance spots are filled on a first come first serve basis. Thank You! Also, if there is a group of you that would like a specific class that is not offered on the summer schedule, please let us know. We will be more than happy to do our best to accommodate your needs. 


Dance Accounts 

Remember, all accounts must be up to date, including late fees or performance in the annual dance concert cannot be permitted - thank you! Remember, May tuition is due May 1st in order to participate in rehearsals - thank you!! 


Attention Dancers Not Participating in The Dance Concert

Starting in May, if you are not participating in the annual dance concert your class will discontinue until Summer dance classes start in June. We will begin rehearsals in May for the dance concert and our normal class schedules will not be in session. We look forward to seeing you in June. See summer dance class schedule for summer class info. 


Dance Centreí Rehearsals

We will be holding two weeks of dance centreí rehearsals. This means that there will not be regular scheduled classes during the month of May. All dance centre' rehearsals are held at BCFD.  Rehearsals will be as follows

Mon, Tues, Wed May 6th, 7th, & 8th

Mon, Tues May 13th & 14th

3:45-5:30 PM (Act I) with exception to predancers - predancers see below

5:30-6:30 PM (Act II) with exception to predancers - predancers see below

6:30-7:15 PM Dadís dance practice on Monday & Tuesdayís ONLY

No Costumes worn during the studio rehearsals above, normal dance clothes please.


LIVE IT UP! Dress Rehearsal Ė Friday, May 17th, 2024

Very Important Ö.. All dancers must attend Ö.. All are to be in full costume!

Details are as follows:


Venue - Lake Region High School - Eagle Lake, FL.

Time: 4:00 PM (All in Act I) If you are not in Act I and are only in Act II, you will not need to arrive until 5:30 PM.  All Daddies participating in the Daddy Dance will need to arrive no later than 6:30 PM in full costume.


All will practice their routines on stage, in full costume, with sound and lighting.  Some routines will be rehearsed once and others may need a little extra TLC.  Please bring your patience.  We have proven to run a smooth and quick dress rehearsal; we are typically finished with our full-dress rehearsal by 8:00 PM.  After you have rehearsed all of your routines, you are more than welcome to leave.


Attention Predancers 

Your dance schedule will be as follows during the last week of April and month of May.  Our normal class schedule will not be held.

All predancers will need to come to the below days and times.  Thank you!

Monday, April 29th @ 6:30-7:15 PM

Thursday, May 2nd @ 5:30-6:15 PM

Monday, May 6th @ 6:00 PM

Monday, May 13th @ 6:00 PM 


Feel free to use back door entrance if lobby is crowded.

There will be no parent observation during rehearsals.  Thank you for your understanding during this fun and busy time.


Dadís Dance Practice

Calling ALL BCFD Dads.  It's not too late!! You are invited to participate in our Annual Dadís Dance! I know that many of the girls look forward to this every year - Dadís too - ha ha! The Dadís dance is a tradition at BCFD and is truly special to all involved. If you desire to participate it will be necessary for you to attend the following practices - thank you! 


Dancers Only - No Dads - Tuesday, April 2nd (6:20-7:00) - studio room 1

Dancers Only - No Dads - Tuesday, April 9th (6:20-7:00) - studio room 1

Dads and Dancers - Tuesday, April 16th (6:20-7:00) - BCFD Parking Lot

Dads and Dancers - Monday, May 6th (6:30-7:15) - BCFD Parking Lot

Dads and Dancers - Tuesday, May 7th (6:30-7:15) - BCFD Parking Lot

Dads and Dancers - Monday, May 13th  (6:30-7:15) - BCFD Parking Lot

Dads and Dancers - Tuesday, May 14th (6:30-7:15) - BCFD Parking Lot


~If Dadís canít attend, Momís or a family member please fill in for them.

~Schedule is subject to minor changes.    


Costumes for the Daddy Dance are as follows.  


Dancers Costume Info:      

~Black High Neck Cross Strap Leotard (see order info below, this is the same leotard we have used for the past couple of years)

~tan runner free tights

~tan jazz shoes

~white scarf - see order details below - worn tied around the neck to the right-hand side of the dancer

~Black High Neck Cross Strap Leotard #MT9579 - This is the same leotard that we used for the dance concert last season.

Attn: Dazzlers, this is your black Dazzler leotard.

White Scarf

American Trends Women Silk Feeling Neck Scarf Lightweight Silk - WHITE



Daddies Costume Info:  If you plan to participate in the Daddy Dance, your Daddy will need to wear the following ......

~medium wash denim jeans

~black dress shoes

~black socks

~white Hanes or Fruit of the Loom T-shirt

~black bomber jacket (see order info below) 

~black belt

-black aviator sunglasses

-dog tag necklace (many of our dancers have one or many of these, please feel free to use)

Rdruko Men's Lightweight Bomber Jacket Casual Fashion Flight Windbreaker Lightweight Jacket - BLACK


All sizes available - Small - XXXL - Don't forget to order BLACK 


ĒLIVE IT UP!Ē Dance Concert Policies - IMPORTANT!! A Must To Read!!
Please no flash photography is to be taken during our show, it is a major distraction to the dancers, and it can ruin the concert video. Feel free to take all of your photos during dress rehearsal only. Please be sure to inform your guest of this as well!


NO COSTUMES IN THE AUDIENCE AT ANY TIME on your body or in hand.


TIGHTS - Do all have the proper color tights? Predancers, have you ordered tights? All are to be a like and the same color.  Please order from BCFD asap.


Last Call for all shoe and tight orders will be April 15th.


Please always stay seated, especially when dancers are on stage, please be courteous to all around you.


Please no videos, this too is a distraction to the dancers and to those seated around you. 


Videos are available for purchase. See order forms posted in the dance centreís lobby.


No Safety Pins in costumes please.  Please alter costumes as needed.


Please do not wear under wear under costumes that is what tights are for. Older students make sure that you wear a bra that does not show when wearing costumes, a smooth, beige bra with clear straps is best.


Please no costumes and/or headpieces in the audience during our concert -THIS IS A MUST!!!!


If your child wishes to return to the audience before or after their performance, they must be in street clothes and have a ticket, unless they will be sitting on an adultís lab. There should be no sparkles in the audience anywhere, no headpieces, etc. THIS INCLUDES EVERYONE!


Please do not arrive in your costumes; it is important that everyone dresses at the auditorium.


Everyone is to enter through the back doors of the theatre with all costumes etc. during rehearsal and show time. 


Please do not walk through the lobby or seating area of the theatre/auditorium with all your luggage and costumes.  After you have dropped off your dancer backstage, please remember to enter through the lobby of the theatre/auditorium during both show days. This means do not enter through the side wings of the stage to enter the seating area of the auditorium to get to your seats.

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO SAVING OF SEATS when seats aren't reserved.  With the new venue this season, seating may be a bit different than previous years. 


Everyone will be allowed to enter the auditorium 20-30 minutes before show time. 


Please do not stand or go to your seats at any time while a routine is performing on stage, please inform your guest of this as well.

Please do not forget your tickets, all will not be allowed to enter the auditorium without a ticket - make sure that you have the proper ticket for each show night. 

All dancers with exception to predancers must wear their hair in a low bun for all performances. This means that everyone slicks their hair back, including the bangs, with hair gel and use tons of hair spray and bobby pins to secure the bun. If hair is hard to work with, sometimes it is best to work with wet hair.

No COSTUMES IN AUDIENCE AT ANY TIME! This means on a dancerís body or carried in hand.

Please make sure that everyone has nice clean shoes to perform in, no dirty or scuffed shoes.

Please make sure that you have the correct style, type, and color shoes for your performance.


Have you ordered your dance concert video? They are great learning tools, not to mention, a great keepsake!!

Please make sure that your tights are runner free. If you need or want extra tights, now is the time to buy and order them, please do not wait until the last minute, or show weekend.

Please make sure that you wear makeup, please use berry colors for eyes and cheeks, black liner and mascara, and red lipstick. Predancers only need minimal makeup - no need for eyeliner, etc. 

Please no food or drink anywhere in the dressing rooms or auditorium. We understand that you may need a snack, especially during dress rehearsal, please take it outside.  This is a strict school policy.  Please NO FOOD OR DRINK.  

Please do not chew gum, drink, eat or run in your costumes.



NO RUNNING AROUND LIKE WILD INDIANS at any time.  Please always know where your children are and please do not allow our dancers and family members to run in the venue.  All are to behave like ladies and gentlemen!!! This includes siblings and other family members too.  Thank you!

Please bring quiet things to do, such as books, etc. This better helps younger ones to stay busy and makes the time go by faster.  

Please be nice to all of your dance friends and backstage help.

Please do not arrive until 30 minutes before show time, we are charged by the hour!

Please do not use any hair or body glitter of any kind. We go to great lengths to make sure that everyone is alike!


No flash photography and No video recording of any kind at any time during the show!


No jewelry of any kind in to be worn with costumes during the dance concert, unless it has been specified by Ms. Barbara - the special earrings that were ordered from BCFD when you ordered costumes are perfect! 

Please park in the parking lot. Parking spaces located at the back entrance of the auditorium are for prop deliveries and staff. Also, please do not park on the grass near the theatre/auditorium.   Your vehicle will be towed at the ownerís expense.


No alcoholic beverages of any kind permitted during the dance concert or at any BCFD event or function. 

Please be sure to wear all hair pieces to the RIGHT-HAND SIDE of the bun, unless otherwise specified thank you!


No standing or returning to your seats at any time while dancers are on stage, no exceptions!

Please make sure that your costume is sewn or altered, no pins please - this can be dangerous!

Donít forget your SMILES!

NO COSTUMES IN THE AUDIENCE - this means no headpieces or an ounce of sparkle and shine showing anywhere - :)! Also, please keep your costumes and luggage backstage until after the show, please do not keep your costumes and things in the audience with you.  Remember, there are others seated around you!


No photography and no videos of any kind at any time during the show!

Attention Pre Dancers and smaller children - it is important that you do not leave your little dancer by themselves during the entire dance concert. It is important that they are in line and ready behind stage approximately 5 numbers before their show number and that they are picked up immediately after their performance. it is not fair to the backstage help to be baby-sitters. The Dance Concert is handled differently than Razzle Dazzle.

Please plan to remain for the entire dance concert, all of the children have worked really hard all year to strut their stuff. Please support them! 

Please lend a helping hand to anyone that may be in need. We have lots of dancers that are in many numbers or that may have a fast change. They may need more help than just their Mommy. We are all in this together and it is important that everyone supports one another. The Dance Concert is truly a very special night for our dancers, and we want to make it a night that is fun and filled with many awesome memories! 


There is no ďIí in TEAM! 


Please bring lots of patience with you during dress rehearsal, it is important that the dancers, stage, light, and sound crew get everything together to make sure that our show is a success. A specific time to arrive at the dress rehearsal will be given out later. For example, if you are in the second half of the show you will not need to arrive until 5:30 on dress rehearsal day. Also, it is important that we make the atmosphere backstage a happy one, remember that this is the dancerís night, and we need to keep everyoneís spirits high! We are making priceless memories.

Hereís to LIVE IT UP! .... May all shine like the STAR that you are!!!


Happy Dancing! 

Thanks again for a fabulous dance season! We are honored to have you! Dream and Dream BIG! Anything is possible with hard work and determination! Much Love, Ms. Barbara & All